No copyright infringement intended

No copyright infringement intended

Dear Mr. President,

You may not ever read this letter, but I hope you will someday.

This letter is written on a Monday morning, end of 2008, which happens to be the day of the Islamic New Year. It is also the day when I learned that only a few hours ago the Israelis had just attacked the Islamic University in Gaza.

As I watch the atrocities flash by on the TV screen, I can’t help of being reminded of another day not so long time ago, when I sat wide-eyed watching your victory speech. Mind you, I am not an American citizen, but I am one of the millions of the world citizens who cheered for you because we thought that you stood for change, for hope. Well I guess I am now one of the millions who are deeply, deeply disappointed.

You promised to fight those who would tear the world down and support those who seek peace and security. Are those just empty words, Mr. President? Because what I see is you have been silent when close to 300 people have been massacred in the span of just two days. At least five of them are children, little girls like Malia and Sasha. Is this the kind of world that you would want for your daughters? I’d feel ashamed of myself if I were you for not doing anything regarding this injustice.

Our paths may never cross, Mr. President. But I believe—as I’m sure you do too—in a Just God who sees all. He has seen you made that speech, and shall judge whether it was just an empty promise. And when that day comes, your little “ally in the Middle East” will be no help to you.

I dedicate my prayers today to the people of Palestine. I hope someday justice and peace will prevail in this world. Will Barack Hussein Obama plays a part in it, I highly doubt.

Yours Sincerely,

A mother-to-be